Thursday, December 17, 2009

Think Tank Multimedia Wired Up 20

The Think Tank Multimedia Wired UP 20 is the perfect bag if you are shooting and recording audio on a 5d or other HDSLR.  I had loaded up this bag with my 5d2 with a 24-70mm attached as well as a 70-200mm and a 50mm zeiss prime, zacuto z-finder and even a small reflector.  But the best part of the bag is that it allows you to wire it up through an ingenious cable management system to a digital recorder like the Tascam DR100 or the Zoom h4n and have your shotgun mic, headphones and wireless system all neatly placed inside and ready to record.  It also has a convenient headphone hook placed on the side to hold your pro headphones when not using it. Check it out in this nice video made by Think Tank.

The bag can be used as a waistbag or a shoulder bag and comes with a nifty way to tuck away waistbelt. But I have it's most comfortable by using a combination of both.  The bag also comes in a smaller Wired Up 10 size but I found the 20 was actually big enough to double as a laptop bag for my 13" Macbook pro.  And with a small prime you can carry both in the same bag.  There is a removeable padded insert with tons of dividers so you customize the interior anyway you like.

There are pockets galore throughout the bag and its all very user friendly.  Believe me after lugging around all of my equipment on a recent shoot to London and Paris i wasn't tired and my shoulders were thankful.  I found that I was able to switch out lenses more quickly and also having the audio at waist level allowed me to monitor levels more easily.  That's why those audio guys always wear those belt packs.  

Think Tank is a great company made up of award winning photographers who make really well thought out products for the professional photographer.  Part of their philosophy is that you don't have to wear everything on your back while shooting.  It's about accessibility and ease of use.  They also have a belt pack system that you can add what you need.  Here's the cofounder talking about some of the other multimedia products.

Highly recommended bag for the HDSLR one man band who is doing double system sound.   Think Tank makes great products and solutions so check them out as well.

They are sold on the Think Tank website, Calumet, Adorama and a shout-out to this great store FOTOCARE who was extremely helpful. 

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